Marijuana Legalization - Effects and Consequences

Marijuana Legalization - Effects and Consequences

How legalizing marijuana influences the society and economy ?

Legalization of marijuana is a topic that stirs a lot of emotions and controversy. There are ongoing debates on the topic all around the world. Plenty of countries in North America, including a few US states and Canada, have decided to fully legalize it. What is the impact of this kind of changes on society and the economy?

Influence on Society

One of the leading arguments in favor of legalizing marijuana is the potential decrease in crime. Decriminalization of possession and use of marijuana means less drug-related crimes, which translates to lower strain on the judicial system. The police can focus their resources on battling more serious crimes instead of persecuting someone for possessing cannabis seeds.

Accessibility for patients

Legalization of medicinal marijuana would enable an easier access to it for the patients who need it to make their pain or other ailments easier. Medicinal marijuana is used to treat many different conditions, which include chronic pain, multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson disease.

Influence on the Economy

New markets

Legalizing marijuana opens a whole new market of marijuana-related products. From agriculture to processing and all the way to retail sales – each of these stages generates new jobs and new sources of income for business owners.


The tax revenue from selling marijuana is yet another argument in favor of legalization. In Colorado for example, where marijuana has been legal since 2014, the tax revenue has exceeded one billion dollars so far. This money often goes to education, public health care, as well as addiction prevention programs. Specialized products, such as automated marijuana seeds, keep growing in popularity on the markets where marijuana is legal.

Social and medical controversies

Addictions and public health

Despite all those positive aspects, one cannot ignore the potential negative effects. The opponents emphasize the risk of increased number of addiction cases as well as other health problems, especially among adolescents. They also point to the potential link between regular use of marijuana and mental problems, such as depression or schizophrenia. On top of that, the psychoactive effect of cannabis seeds may have different results, depending on individual tolerance and method of use.

The influence on adolescents

The impact of legalizing marijuana on adolescents remains open to debate. Opponents fear that legalization could lead to a trivialisation of use among young people, which could have long-term consequences for their growth and health.

List of benefits of legalizing marijuana:

  1. Lower crime – less strain on the judicial system.
  2. Economic growth – new jobs and sources of income.
  3. Taxes – significant tax revenue, which may be used for public purposes.
  4. Quality and safety control – government regulations can ensure the safety of products.
  5. Medicinal uses – better access to marijuana for patients.
  6. Science & research – more research opportunities in the area of medicinal uses of marijuana.

The debate on legalizing marijuana is complex and multivariate. This applies not only to the legal and economic aspects but also the deeply rooted social and moral beliefs. Although legalizing marijuana may bring substantial economic benefits and reduce the strain on the judicial system, it is essential to also run effective educational and preventive campaigns at the same time that would minimize the negative impact on public health. Each decision on legalization should be preceded by thorough research and debates that would take all pros and cons into account.

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