What is Cannabis sativa?

Cannabis sativa is a species of marijuana that can reach a 7-meter height and is appropriate for outdoor growth. Sativa, unlike indica, energizes, invigorates and improves the general mood.

The main effects of Cannabis sativa:
- promotes the general well being
- induces positive and motivating thoughts
- stimulates and energizes
- improves the attention and stimulates creativity
- fights depression

What is Cannabis indica?

Canabis indica is a species of marijuana which is smaller and thicker than Cannabis sativa. Due to its small height, it is appropriate for indoor growth. The main effect of Cannabis indica is one of profound relaxation.

The main effects of Cannabis indica:
- calms the pain
- relaxes the muscles
- eliminates spasms and convulsions
- alleviates headaches and migraines
- reduces anxiety and stress

What are auto-flowering seeds?

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds represent the pinnacle of the technological developments in cannabis breeding, being highly appreciated by cultivators.

Their main characteristic is the very short period needed for the plant to grow. It only takes about 10 weeks from seeding to complete ripening and harvest. Due to its short life cycle, auto-flowering marijuana plants are much shorter, being ideal for indoor growth.

Unlike their conventional counterparts (that need at least 6 weeks to grow), auto-flowering plants don't produce a rich crop. As it name suggests, an auto-flowering plant doesn't depend on light, automatically flowering after a certain period (maximum 3 weeks).

Moreover, this type of cannabis plant is especially loved by those who live in regions with short summers and that cultivate marijuana plants outdoor. Those who live in warmer climates can obtain up to three crops a year by using these seeds. Auto-flowering plants are suitable for indoor cultivation as well, as long as they receive light 12 hours a day.
The first auto-flowering cannabis breed ever created is Lowryder. Its genes can be found in almost all famous automated breeds, such as feminized Auto White Widow, feminized Auto AK47, feminized Auto Northern Lights, feminized Auto Lemon etc.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are special seeds from which only female cannabis plants grow. These produce the so called cones, which are highly appreciated among users. They have a massive dense inflorescence, with a high content of resin. Feminized seeds can be very easily be planted and grown, a reason for which they are ideal for beginners.

What is THC?

THC is the abbreviation from tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a chemical compound that represents the main psychoactive substance from marijuana plants. Through cannabis inhalation or ingestion, the THC binds to specific brain receptors. In small doses, it produces mild effects, such as reducing pain and aggression, stimulating the appetite, eliminating nausea etc. In bigger doses, this substance can lead to alterations of the perception of space and time and euphoric states.

What is the difference between Cannabis sativa si Cannabis indica?

Cannabis sativa plants are much taller, and their main effect is one of energizing and cerebral activation. In comparison, Cannabis indica plants are shorter and denser, and their main effect is one of calming and relaxation.

However, most marijuana plants are obtained through crossbreeding, in various proportions (for example, some breeds are 75% sativa, 25% indica).

What is Sinsemilla?

Sinsemilla is an unfertilized cannabis plant. As its name suggests ("sin semilla" means "without seeds" in Spanish), it doesn't produce seeds and its psychotropic effect is much stronger than that of the conventional plants.

Sinsemilla is not a specific breed of cannabis, but the result of careful segregation. The THC content of female plants raises as the plant blossoms, reaching its peak during fertilization.

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