Top myths about marijuana

Top myths about marijuana

Over the years the common misuse of marijuana without proper knowledge of the product as cause cannabis to have, what we will call ‘Bad Reputation.' This reputation had become widespread in such a way that persons were somewhat afraid of being associated with marijuana and persons who uses it.  The shocker came when the media and governments discovered that with the proper governance marijuana could be more of an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

With so much buzz in the marijuana industry, new information about cannabis seems to be release weekly if not daily. The real task one faced was identifying what parts of this data are facts and which are fictions. Today we explore some of the Top myths associated with marijuana/cannabis use:

Myth #1: You can die or overdose from consuming marijuana.

Die? No, Overdose, Yes. To die from weed consumption, one would have to consume 15,000 pounds of marijuana in a 15 minute period. As much as some of us would be tempted to try this, it simply cannot be done. Therefore, it is humanly impossible to die from consuming marijuana. An overdose, however, which is taking over a recommended amount of any substance is possible and can lead to serious side effects such as hallucinations, delusions, extreme paranoia and anxiety, which could increase the chances of death.

Myth #2: The legalization of marijuana has significantly increased its usage.

Myth #2 is not so, in fact, there are several countries which include The Netherlands, Portugal, Australia and some parts of the U.K. that has freed up their cannabis laws with little to no impact on the usage of marijuana. Other researchers based in the US have suggested that the increase of weed consumption has only increased moderately among adult users. Understanding recreational marijuana was first made legal for recreational purposes in Colorado and Washington, and even those states are trending similar patterns in the periods before and after its legalization.

Myth #3: Marijuana consumption is more dangerous than alcohol consumption.

Allow me to shake this theory as there are multitudes of evidence that indicates that this is not so.  Thinking about it, regular alcohol use can lead to deadly diseases which include liver cirrhosis (a condition where the liver no longer functions properly) whereas cannabis consumption has nowhere near similar effects. A scientist has found just the opposite where marijuana can be helpful to help patients cope in dealing with symptoms associated with hepatitis C, cirrhosis, and other liver disorders.

Myth #4: The munchies and giggles often associated with marijuana are not real.

So, the moment you see someone laughing at every single thing they hear and experiencing extreme hunger; the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is they must be high. And they very much could be, a group of scientist studied mice’s to prove this theory by injecting a component of cannabis in the area of the brain that is responsible for sleep, sex and hunger, just to show that the munchies are real and the mice’s reacted just as expected. There was an increased desire, and this was only the start to proving this theory. Studies have also shown that marijuana increases one's sense of taste which makes food tastes better in the mind of the smoker. So yes the munchies and giggles associated with being ‘high’ are in fact real.

Seedmafia hopes that this article has helped to separate the myths about marijuana and what is right about marijuana.

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