Can marijuana cure cancer? Mit or reality?

Can marijuana cure cancer? Mit or reality?

Can marijuana cure cancer? Mit or reality?


        Marijuana's the name given to the dried leaves and buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It goes under other names as well, like pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marihuana, ganja and many others.

        Weed has been growing all over the world in warm and tropical environments for centuries. Thanks to the development of artificial harvesting methods and crossbreeding in the last centuries, it is now possible to commercialize it on a large scale.

        Now, that we got that into place, let s talk business.


Can marijuana cure CANCER?


       This wonderful plant was used by humans since the beginning of the time in medical and recreational ways, having little to none bad side effects in comparison of tobacco smoking.

        Recent studies made by the National Academy of Science and the American Cancer Society showcases the fact that against public opinion marijuana doesn't t produce damage to the consumer.


  • Research points that active compounds found in marijuana have positive effects on patients who battle cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy.
  • It is helpful, if inhaled, for people who have neuropathic pain due to destroyed nerves.
  • More recent, it was proven that some chemicals found in cannabis(THC and CBD) can slow down the advancement of cancer and in some cases kill the cells.
  • There was also a notable improvement in the behavior of the persons. suffering from HIV.


Despite all of this, marijuana it's not used as medicine worldwide. WHY?


         For starters, the studies were not made on a large enough scale. Besides, they were made in laboratories, in a controlled environment, sometimes just on samples of tissue. It's not known yet what effect it may have on a real person in normal conditions.

         In other order of ideas, for the compounds to work they must be in large concentration, which leads to consuming more marijuana, which leads like any other substance in excess to problems for the consumer.

         However, microbiologist Dr. Christine Sanchez, from Complutense University Madrid, Spania had favorable results when he treated astrocytoma (a type of cerebral cancer) with THC ( an active chemical found in big quantities in cannabis ). The doctor works on curing cancer since the begging of 2000. He affirms that he succeeded in destroying breast cancer as well, but only on animals tissue.

         At the moment, the treatment of cancer through the use of marijuana or cannabis is something new. It's necessary to make more research in this field and on the side effects it may have. In the end, this is only an experimental method, but it holds a great potential.


        Maybe, one day sooner than we think, we will be able to cure this horrible disease by using weed.


Thank you for your time, for more articles check our blog.


Have a good day!

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