Afghan Purple Kush Feminized

Afghan Purple Kush Feminized

Afghan Purple Kush Feminized is a unique cannabis strain that has deep Afghan roots and is widely used for medicinal purposes. It’s known for its strong, sedative properties and low stimulant effect. All of this makes it ideal for those seeking relaxation and stress relief.

%D0%BF%D0%BE%D0%BB%20%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%81% Sex: Feminized
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: ≈ 60 - 110 cm
Yield: ≈ 400-500 gr/m2
Flowering time: 6 - 8 weeks
Complete life cycle: 9 weeks
Cannabis Genetics: Afghan x OG Purple Kush
THC: 21%
Type: Sa 70% / In 30%

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Afghan Purple Kush Feminized - Features

One of the features of Afghan Purple Kush Feminized is its ability to produce bountiful harvests with minimal grower effort.

  • The strain type is feminized.
  • THC concentration – 21%.
  • The plant reaches a height of up to 60 cm indoors and up to 110 cm outdoors.
  • Productivity - up to 400g indoors, 500g outdoors.
  • Full flowering cycle – 9 weeks.

If you decide to buy marijuana seeds, you should know that this variety thrives in conditions close to its natural environment. Its cultivation doesn't require much attention or special skills.

How Afghan Purple Kush Feminized Grows

This strain usually grows medium in size, but depending on how it's cultivated, it can reach a height of up to 150 cm.

When Afghan Purple Kush Feminized is grown in the right environment, it quickly and easily turns into a superior product with high THC concentration.

In addition, Afghan Purple Kush Feminized is an excellent choice for novice cannabis growers due to its sustainability and ease of cultivation.

What Afghan Purple Kush Feminized Looks Like

This plant has thick, healthy leaves and strong stems that bear heavy buds covered with dense resin.

Afghan Purple Kush Feminized flowers are usually large and tight, with a distinctive aroma and flavor reminiscent of spices and earth. The flowering period usually starts 8-10 weeks after sowing and proceeds quickly and evenly.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

Afghan Purple Kush Feminized is a blend of spices, earth and wood with hints of resin and lemon. The flavor is spicy with tones of resin and lemon on the exhale.

The effect is slightly nail-biting after the first puff of the strain. It can also cause euphoria and an elevated mood. It's better to smoke Afghan Purple Kush Feminized in the evening or at night when there is no need for any activity.

Scope of use

Afghan Purple Kush Feminized has potential medicinal properties, as it leads to intense physical and mental relaxation.

In addition, this strain is indicated for severe migraines, neurological disorders, insomnia, anxiety and loss of appetite.

Data sheet
THC 20 - 25 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 50 - 100 cm
Harvest 350 - 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa/In
Flowering Time Short flowering period
Flavor Earthy, Spicy, Woody , Citrus
Effect Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation
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Мехмед А. on 04/15/2024 6
Atanas L. on 04/12/2024 Incredible harvest
Stanislav A. on 03/28/2024 Thank youuuu
Доставка топ
Braga G. on 04/17/2024 Эффект, запах, вкус, огромная мощь.
I feel inner peace.
Rocky M. on 04/12/2024 The body and mind become calmer, tension decreases
Влад К. on 04/10/2024 Достоинства Эфект.
Eric B. on 04/06/2024 Satisfied with the service. The quality of this product has left a good impression.
Вадим К. on 04/03/2024 Стабильная генетика, все хорошо, сответствует описанию
Данов Д. on 03/31/2024 Страхотни цени. Харесвам всичко в тази компания.
отлична доставка
Стефан С. on 03/31/2024 Добре опаковани семена.
Александър А. on 03/31/2024 Голям избор на семена.
Samanta trecuta
Ionut B. on 03/31/2024 Nu am fost satisfacut de samanta, dar am rezolvat! Multumesc pentru promptitudine si pentru schimbarea ei! Un magazin de nota 10!
Mihai S. on 03/31/2024 Nu am nimic negativ de spus.
Anonim A. on 03/31/2024 Am cumparat-o tinand cont ce e in cea mai mare parte Sativasi chiar imi doream sa am parte de ceva de genul! Sunt satisfacut de achizitie si recomand oricui aceasta samanta!
Алексей И. on 03/31/2024 Отличные цены. Мне нравится все в этой компании.
отличная доставка
Сергей С. on 03/31/2024 Хорошо упакованные семена.
Андрей А. on 03/31/2024 Отличный выбор семян.
elérhető árú
György G. on 03/31/2024 Remek árak. Mindent szeretek ebben a cégben.
kiváló szállítás
Mihály K. on 03/31/2024 Jól csomagolt magok.
Imre S. on 03/31/2024 Szuper magok
cenovo dostupné
Jaka P. on 03/31/2024 skvelé ceny. Milujem všetko o tejto spoločnosti.
vynikajúce doručenie
Anej A. on 03/31/2024 Dobre zabalené semená.
Žagar Ž. on 03/31/2024

Veľký výber semien.

Idealni ste
Krešimir K. on 03/31/2024 Sve preporuke
Denis D. on 03/31/2024 Prezadovoljni smo kupovinom, kupili smo preko 300 sjemenki, sve je prošlo ok
Predobri ste
Stjepan S. on 03/31/2024 Toplo preporučujem, sve preporuke
Rafał R. on 03/31/2024 Świetne ceny. Kocham wszystko w tej firmie.
doskonała dostawa
Mateusz M. on 03/31/2024 Dobrze zapakowane nasiona.
Krawczyk K. on 03/31/2024 Duży wybór nasion.
Daniel F. on 03/28/2024 am observat o îmbunătățire semnificativă a calității somnului.
Randy R. on 03/26/2024 The quality of this product left a good impression.
thank you
Lucas L. on 03/24/2024 Delivered quickly.
Jose J. on 03/24/2024 Order exactly fulfilled.
Gary G. on 03/24/2024 Great prices. I love everything about this company.
excellent delivery
David C. on 03/24/2024 Well packaged seeds.
Sharon S. on 03/24/2024 Great selection of seeds.
Alexandru O. on 03/21/2024 Приятный цветочный аромат мне понравился.
Georgi T. on 03/20/2024 Много бърза доставка и качеството е на ниво
быстро однако
Калашников И. on 03/19/2024 Растёт быстро неделя и уже 3х листики
Bókkon I. on 12/24/2023 I love it!
Grigoriu V. on 03/14/2024 Salut, ieri am comandat semintele si astazi au ajuns, am primit si un mic bonus, asta m-a impins sa scriu aceasta recenzie. Sunt multe siteuri care promit mult si fac putin, in schimb Seedsmafia au dat dovada de o implicare maxima, Semintele sunt foarte bine ambalate, livrarea este discreta si ajunge intr-un timp util, Recomand cu incredere Seeds Mafia, baietii lucreaza exemplar. Keep up the good work
Satisfied with the service
Guffy D. on 03/11/2024 The quality of this product left a good impression.
Довольно хорошо
Laura G. on 03/08/2024 Выращивание этого продукта прошло гладко и без проблем. Все семена успешно проросли.
Мотя М. on 03/04/2024 Отличный сорт, долгий, но есть и более долгая сатива, если есть руки и время, рекомендую!
great site
Krisztian M. on 06/29/2023 thanks a lot. correct site. good luck
Purple Kush
Super G. on 03/02/2024 Semințele au încolțit și ea crește. Până acum arată bine
Verry good
Timis C. on 05/27/2023 Verry good
Blissful Nirvana))
Niho C. on 02/26/2024 Nirvana and exceptional relaxation after this variety are simply unsurpassed!
Доставка быстрее всех
Nicora A. on 02/24/2024 Легко, урожайно. )
Дамир Ч. on 02/20/2024 Эта девочка покажет вам, что такое релакс и погружение в счастье. Только больше никаких дел не планируйте
Много е як
B S. on 02/10/2024 Много е як
Kiril M. on 10/19/2023 Обичам този сорт, вече го купувам за втори път и не мога да се наситя

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