Auto Pineapple Express Feminized

Auto Pineapple Express Feminized

Auto Pineapple Express Feminized is an outstanding cannabis strain that has many exceptional characteristics and is popular all over the world. With proper cultivation and care, this cannabis grows into a beautiful and lush plant with generous harvests. It's known for being easy to grow, and is therefore especially popular among novice gardeners.

пол растения.png Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 

Height: 90-140 cm
Yield: 400-600 gr/m2
Flowering time: 8 weeks
 Complete life cycle: 9 weeks
Cannabis Genetics: Pineapple x Ruderalis
THC: 20%
Type: Sa/In/Ru

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Auto Pineapple Express Feminized - Features

One of the main features of the feminized Auto Pineapple Express is its auto-flowering genotype. This means that the plant starts flowering automatically, without requiring adjustment of the amount of light.

  • The strain type is auto-flowering feminized.
  • THC concentration – 20%.
  • The plant reaches a height of up to 90 cm indoors and up to 140 cm outdoors.
  • Productivity - up to 400gr/m2 indoors, 600gr/m2 outdoors.
  • Full flowering cycle – 9 weeks.

Before you buy cannabis seeds, it can be helpful to learn the special aspects of growing this variety.

How Auto Pineapple Express Feminized Grows

When it comes to cultivation, Auto Pineapple Express Feminized cannabis shows superior results. It is fairly unpretentious when it comes to maintenance, copes well with environmental changes, and adapts to various climatic zones.

However, to achieve the maximum potential of this variety, it’s recommended to provide it with optimal conditions - to ensure good air circulation around the plant and the right temperature and humidity in the room.

What Auto Pineapple Express Feminized Looks Like

When Auto Pineapple Express Feminized marijuana grows, it produces compact and dense flowers covered with a thick layer of resin. You can notice its beautiful and enticing purple and orange hues, which make it truly aesthetically pleasing. The slender leaves of this variety are bright green in color, that gives the plant an elegant appearance.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

Auto Pineapple Express Feminized has a unique aroma and flavor that have become its hallmark.

The pleasant aroma of pineapple permeates the air, creating a fascinating atmosphere. When the time for consumption comes, its fruity and sweet taste with hints of tropical fruits brings the smoker an unforgettable experience.

The effect of this strain is characterized by an invigorating and stimulating effect on the brain. It can improve concentration, creativity, and productivity, so it is excellent for dealing with creative tasks or situations that require clear thinking.

Scope of use

The Auto Pineapple Express Feminized variety is also known for its amazing therapeutic properties. It contains high levels of THC, making it popular with patients seeking relief from pain, stress, depression, and other health conditions. This strain also has calming and relaxing effects.

Data sheet
THC 15 - 20 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 500 - 800 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In/Sa/Ru
Flowering Time Average flowering period
Flavor Citrus, Fruity, Sweet
Effect Creative boost, Energetic, Talkative
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Egy próbát megér
Roland B. on 03/16/2024 Meglátjuk eddig még nem csalódtam
Armands V. on 03/14/2024 Great quality service.and delivery is very fast . Im so happy
Gheorghe G. on 04/16/2024 Mă simt plin de energie!
Dale G. on 04/13/2024 Feelings of happiness, delight, joy.
Misha C. on 04/08/2024 После приема ощущаю творческий подъем
Micu D. on 04/04/2024 simt o creștere a creativității
Ted M. on 03/29/2024 The service was excellent.
Gleb C. on 03/27/2024 Семена дают быстрый рост
Грибоедов А. on 03/22/2024 Все что мне понадобилось для выращивания это поле и селитра, все без заморочек выросло
I recommend it
Jose B. on 03/20/2024

fast delivery and they respect confidentiality.

страхотно преживяване
Iliya H. on 03/16/2024 Голямо напрежение
препоръчах го
Petar V. on 03/16/2024 Върхът на линията!
бърза доставка
Kiril U. on 03/16/2024 Голяма кълняемост
обичам това
Emil M. on 03/16/2024 Най-бързо растящото растение, което съм виждал в живота си. Просто е прекрасно да я видиш как расте.
качествен продукт
Rumen Y. on 03/16/2024 Много добър щам по всички начини
Sunt ceea ce trebuie!
Alin G. on 03/16/2024 Multumesc!
Ion N. on 03/16/2024 pe deplin satisfacut!
E deja a 4-a comanda de la voi si sunt multumit!
Cosmin I. on 03/16/2024 Mi-au placut mult!
Sunt ceea ce trebuie!
Bogdan S. on 03/16/2024 Am sa revin!
great experience
Daniel G. on 03/16/2024 Great strain
i recommended it
Tom T. on 03/16/2024 Top of the line!
fash shipping
Roger R. on 03/16/2024 Great germination
love this
Klatt J. on 03/16/2024 Fastest growing plant i have seen in my life. Its just gorgeous to see her grow.
Bogdan B. on 03/15/2024

Savršeno kao i uvijek Hvala

Sve Pohvale
Franjić F. on 03/15/2024 Wow, sjeme je fenomenalno, dostava je munjevita.
очень хорошо
Cazac C. on 03/15/2024 Покупаю только такие семена, расслабился и продолжил общение.
пока что всё ок
Игорь В. on 03/13/2024 по эффекту отпишу позже
Everybody likes gifts
George M. on 10/16/2023 Super ideea of a present for the Pineapple Express movie fans, packed in a nice and vivid color package. That kind of a present that everybody will talk about
Fantastični Rezultati
Zdravko Z. on 03/09/2024 Sjeme vrhunsko, nema greške.
Liviu M. on 03/09/2024 Cumpăr doar astfel de semințe, relaxate
Jambrović J. on 03/09/2024 Top kvaliteta, sjeme je super, mislio sam da će dostava biti spora, ali došlo je i prije vremena!!
Profesionalna Isporuka
Boris B. on 03/09/2024 Izvrsno sjeme, brza isporuka, apsolutno zadovoljstvo.
milujem to
Koščak K. on 03/09/2024 Najrýchlejšie rastúca rastlina, akú som v živote videl. Je úžasné vidieť ju rásť.
kvalitný výrobok
Peter P. on 03/09/2024 Veľmi dobrý kmeň vo všetkých smeroch
Im exited
Péter B. on 09/27/2023 We will see
Big boi bro
Kazinczy A. on 09/05/2023 Nem jött meg
Szuper élmény.
Kövér K. on 03/09/2024 Nagy törzs
én ajánlom
Pek P. on 03/09/2024 Csúcsminőségű!
csillagos ötös
Kanalas K. on 03/09/2024 nagyon szépen csírázik
Imre I. on 03/09/2024 A leggyorsabban növekvő növény amit életemben láttam egyszerűen csodálatos látni
Veress V. on 03/09/2024 Nagyon jó törzs minden szempontból
Ovidiu O. on 03/05/2024 Понравилась быстро доставки и что есть возможность купить даже 1 семя
pineapple far girl
Oliver J. on 03/03/2024 packed a punch 3x harder , I will be buying again lovely strain
good quality product
P W. on 03/03/2024 Very good strain in all ways
it's okey
Costi R. on 02/28/2024 Trăiesc în climatul central european, așa că nu este ușor să crești aici.
Rupert T. on 02/28/2024 I think this is one of the best strains, you can train it well, it grows fast, the yield is great, and the taste and appearance are really great too. It has become one of my favorite strains, I can absolutely recommend it, you can't really go wrong with it.
Yordan P. on 02/26/2024 Уникална и доста хващаща ! Високо тхц при правилно отглеждане !
Коля А. on 02/23/2024 Нерихотливый, жрёт всё, кормлю талым снегом и даю довабак
Gabi M. on 02/21/2024 a răsărit
Продукция высокого качества
Melnic M. on 02/18/2024

Пять звезд за сервис и скорость доставки, 5 звезд за качество товара


Спасибо за ваш отзыв! Мы очень ценим всех, кто находит время оставить нам отзыв.

very good
Ftt D. on 02/14/2024 Thank you for seeds. Me and all my friends are very pleased))
Emil K. on 02/13/2024 Топ качество
коректно обслужване
Emiliya T. on 02/14/2024 Професионално и коректно обслужване. Семената са точно както се очаква
B S. on 02/10/2024 Опции 10 точки.
Pineapple Express
Gyula B. on 02/01/2024 Nice plant, growing fast, smells like citrus and ananas. I Will leave a taste comment, within 2 weeks.
Mark P. on 02/01/2024 bardzo silna i łatwa w uprawie odmiana.

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