Bruce Banner Feminized

Bruce Banner Feminized

Bruce Banner Feminized is a unique cannabis strain that is in demand among both growers and rastafarians. What is so special about this variety? Simplicity in cultivation makes this marijuana strain particularly attractive to beginner growers. A strong effect due to the predominance of sativa allows you to completely relax after a stressful day. This is why seasoned smokers often opt for Bruce Banner. Feminized seeds are not autoflowering.

%D0%BF%D0%BE%D0%BB%20%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%81% Sex: Feminized
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: ≈ 120-150 cm
Yield: ≈ 500 - 800 gr/m2
Flowering time: 63-70 days
Complete life cycle: October
Cannabis Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
THC: 27-30%
Type: Sativa

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Bruce Banner Feminized Features

The genetics of this mighty strain are based on two types of marijuana: OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Before you buy cannabis seeds, you need to investigate their properties.

  • The strain type is feminized.
  • THC concentration - 27%, sometimes reaches up to 30%.
  • The plant reaches a height of up to 120 cm indoors and up to 150 cm outdoors.
  • Productivity - up to 500-800 gr/m2 per season.
  • Full flowering cycle - 63-70 days.
  • The plant is highly adaptable and thrives in all weather conditions.

How Bruce Banner Feminized Grows

If you want to grow marijuana seeds outdoors, you should pay attention to the strong smell that the variety gives off. To avoid unwanted attention, it's best to grow cannabis indoors.

An enclosed space doesn't have a great impact on the development of the plant. The main thing is to ensure stable watering, sufficient air circulation and regular nutrition.

The strain is resistant to pests, but treatment with special protective agents can't hurt. Harvesting is carried out in early October.

What Bruce Banner Feminized Looks Like

The bushes of the feminized Bruce Banner grow small and neat indoors, they can reach up to 150 cm outdoors. After two weeks, acid green buds are formed, sometimes with a purple tint.

After two weeks from acid green buds, sometimes with a purple tint. They're gradually wrapped around pistils of different colors: orange, green, purple, red. Then small prickly cones are covered with a thick frosty layer of resin.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

Bruce Banner has a very strong, even knocking out effect. Holds up to 4 hours in a state of weightlessness, sometimes longer. Beginners are advised to smoke this strain in the presence of experienced rastafarians. It’ll be useful to prepare a rookery for a full immersion into nirvana.

The flavor is incomparable. This sweetish and fruity variety is complemented by a diesel aftertaste on the exhale.

Scope of use

Since the strain is a good relaxant, it is often used to relieve severe pain and spasms. It is easily tolerated with migraines, improves sleep, and is indicated for epileptic seizures. It is recommended to use before bedtime to get the maximum effect.

Data sheet
THC 25 - 30 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 500 - 800 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
The smell during flowerin Great
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa
Flowering Time Average flowering period
Flavor Diesel
Effect Happiness
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Atanas L. on 04/12/2024 I like this very much
Renel B. on 04/17/2024 На этот сорт советую обратить внимание новичкам по разведению, легкий в выращивании, устойчив к стрессовым условиям, единственный минус – сильный запах цветения. Это надо учитывать при высадке.
a fost o experiență minunată.
Brut C. on 04/12/2024 Prima dată când am cumpărat. Nu am regretat
Mircea E. on 04/10/2024 Прекрасное расслабляющее действие, особенно перед сном. Наладился сон, прошла головная боль.
Най-накрая здравият разум...
Radoslav K. on 04/08/2024 Страхотно обслужване.
както исках
Stoyanov S. on 04/08/2024 Семената са добре опаковани.
Нямам търпение да купя още
Yordan Y. on 04/08/2024 Бърза доставка.
Sa speram ca vor fi ok
Florin F. on 04/08/2024 Chiar am mari asteptari de la ele
Mi-au placut
Gaby G. on 04/08/2024 10/10
Ionut I. on 04/08/2024 Excelente din multe puncte de vedere! Recomand!
Наконец-то здравый смысл...
Алексей А. on 04/08/2024 Отличный сервис.
как я хотел
Роман Р. on 04/08/2024 Семена упакованы хорошо.
Не могу дождаться, чтобы купить больше :)
Артем А. on 04/08/2024 Быстрая доставка.
Minden faka
Nagy N. on 04/08/2024 Pacek minden nagyon üt
amilyet szerettem volna
Mihály M. on 04/08/2024 A magokat jól csomagolják.
Alig várom, hogy még többet vásároljak
Papp P. on 04/08/2024 Gyors szállítás
Konečne zdravý rozum...
Mlakar J. on 04/08/2024 Skvelý servis.
ako som chcel
Blaž B. on 04/08/2024 Semená sú dobre zabalené.
Nemôžem sa dočkať, až si kúpim viac
Janez Š. on 04/08/2024 Rýchle odoslanie.
Lučić M. on 04/08/2024 Nije loše, sledeći put naručujem još vrsta
Tomislav T. on 04/08/2024 Hvala punoo
najbolja kvaliteta
Piotr P. on 04/08/2024 Ovo je nešto predobro!
Wreszcie zdrowy rozsądek...
Jankowski J. on 04/08/2024 Znakomita obsługa.
tak jak chciałem
Marek K. on 04/08/2024 Nasiona są dobrze zapakowane.
Nie mogę się doczekać, aby kupić więcej
Szymon S. on 04/08/2024 Szybka wysyłka.
As expected amazing genetics
David N. on 02/19/2024 Germinated Quickly also crazy aromas during flowering
recomand la crestere
Bogdan T. on 04/06/2024 O stare plăcută de euforie, o ușoară senzație de zbor.
Bill W. on 04/03/2024 I recommend beginners in cultivation to pay attention to this variety. It's easy to grow and resilient to stressful conditions. The only downside is its strong flowering scent. This should be taken into account when planting.
Gaby V. on 03/28/2024 Я много и тяжело работаю, поэтому в конце рабочего дня помогает максимально расслабится.
Иван К. on 03/26/2024 Вкусоароматические свойства
very impressed
Ronald M. on 03/25/2024 I am very impressed with the company, the seeds I purchased which arrived in excellent condition
appreciate it
Brian O. on 03/25/2024 Big thanks
Finally common sense...
Chris C. on 03/25/2024 Great service.
as I wanted
Sanchez M. on 03/25/2024 Seeds are packaged good.
Can't wait to buy more
Coffey C. on 03/25/2024 Fast shipping.
Gabriel P. on 03/23/2024 Lucrez mult și greu, așa că la sfârșitul zilei de lucru mă ajută să mă relaxez la maximum.
Glen R. on 03/19/2024 I work hard and a lot, so at the end of the workday, it helps me relax to the maximum.
Artur S. on 03/16/2024 Очень удивительный сорт, особенность которого это неприхотливость в разведении, хороший вариант для новичков.
Enea G. on 10/24/2023 Amazing items, fast delivery, simply everything you want, definitely will buy again
Шафит Н. on 03/11/2024 Любит хорошую воду и внимательный уход. Чувствительна к удобрениям, но во второй половине цветения приспособилась.
Balan S. on 03/08/2024 O varietate foarte uimitoare, a cărei particularitate este nepretenția în reproducere, o opțiune bună pentru începători.
Mladen P. on 08/04/2023 I haven't tried it
Noch S. on 03/04/2024 Rather moderately. 7 out of 10 have sprouted, but only 5 have finally made it. The yield was not bad for that. And qualitatively, too. Maybe I would buy it again
Илья Ц. on 03/02/2024 Любители сативы заценят непременно. Требует внимания и умений, но вознаграждает щедро
брюс бэнер
Obolonsky D. on 02/27/2024 Чутка больше растет чем указанно в паспорте.
Purcel I. on 02/24/2024 nu zgârie gâtul și are un efect euforic, bun pentru conversații fluide și profunde, mi-a îmbunătățit creativitatea, singurul lucru negativ pe care l-am putut evidenția este că cred că inima mi-a alergat mult și m-a făcut să mă simt puțin împovărat de accelerație
nice store
Lucas J. on 02/22/2024 grows super fast
B S. on 02/10/2024 Отлично качество 10/10
thanks guys
Macc G. on 02/06/2024 This strain is incredible. The taste is even better than the previous harvest and I finally understand what real cannabis is.

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