Auto White Rhino Feminized

Auto White Rhino Feminized

Auto White Rhino Feminized is a unique cannabis strain that is the perfect combination of power, productivity, and ease of cultivation. This hybrid strain is obtained by crossing White Rhino and auto-flowering genetics, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced growers alike.

пол растения.png Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 

Height: 60-110 cm
Yield: 450-650 gr/m2
Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
 Complete life cycle: 8 - 9 weeks
Cannabis Genetics: White Rhino x Autoflowering genetics
THC: 20%
Type: Indica

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Auto White Rhino Feminized - Features

The main advantage of the variety is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. This is important in regions with a changeable climate.

  • The strain type is auto-flowering feminized.
  • THC concentration – 20%.
  • The plant reaches a height of up to 60 cm indoors and up to 110 cm outdoors.
  • Productivity - up to 450gr/m2 indoors, 650gr/m2 outdoors.
  • Full flowering cycle – 8-9 weeks.

Before you buy marijuana seeds, you should know that it is an amazing variety. It is unpretentious to grow but gives a generous harvest at the same time.

How Auto White Rhino Feminized Grows

When growing Auto White Rhino Feminized, we recommend that you provide sufficient access to fresh air and monitor humidity levels regularly. Keep an eye on the plant's water and fertilizer needs to ensure optimal conditions for growth and flowering.

What Auto White Rhino Feminized Looks Like

Auto White Rhino Feminized is a compact and medium-sized plant. It has a bushy structure with dense side branches.

The leaves of Auto White Rhino Feminized are usually dark green and are broad and thick. They have the classic hemp leaf shape with five or seven lobes that have serrated edges.

The buds are firm, massive, and covered with a thick layer of resin. They have a distinctive white trichome coating that gives them a silvery hue and crystalline look.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

Hemp buds exude an intense and sweet aroma with notes of spice, citrus, and earth.

The flavor when smoked is a harmonious combination of sweetness and spice with slight hints of citrus and wood.

The effect is relaxing, making this strain perfect for those who want to deeply unwind.

Due to its aromatic and flavorful qualities, Auto White Rhino Feminized can be a pleasure to consume as well as a delight with its refreshing aroma while being stored. Its high quality and pleasant flavor profile make it a popular choice among gourmet smokers and all those who love to enjoy cannabis aroma and taste.

Scope of use

In medicine, the strain is used as an analgesic to relieve pain. Also, Auto White Rhino Feminized improves appetite, boosts your mood, and tones up your brain receptors.

Data sheet
THC 15 - 20 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 500 - 800 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In
Flowering Time Short flowering period
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Fresh, Spicy, Sweet
Effect Euphoria, Relaxation
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White Rhino
Dyl B. on 04/24/2024 It helps a lot after a tough workweek.
Vlad R. on 04/22/2024 Очень внимательные и терпеливые сотрудники. Обслуживание на уровне
M-am simțit bine, relaxarea a fost excelentă.
Gheorghe G. on 04/16/2024 Prima oară când am cumpărat și sunt plăcut surprins.
Dale G. on 04/13/2024 Spectacular impact. Lasting and profound.
Misha C. on 04/08/2024 Хорошо расслабляет, можно отдохнуть в хорошей компании
Хамиль Р. on 04/04/2024 Красивые девочки. На переднем плане досвидос на 2 дня позже посадил
Ted M. on 03/29/2024 That's what I wanted, to relax. And the delivery was so fast too.
Gleb C. on 03/27/2024 Аромат сладкого цитруса. Вкусно
Я всем доволен, достойный сорт!!!
Грибоедов А. on 03/22/2024 цены хорошие
Rab L. on 03/20/2024 O aroma dulce și citrică. Delicios.
Todor N. on 03/16/2024 Бързо растящ висок добив
отлично обслужване
Mihail P. on 03/16/2024 Бърза доставка, най-високо качество
обичам вашите продукти
Vasil A. on 03/16/2024 Най-добър вкус и аромат!! Супер добър щам.
най-високо качество
Dimitar M. on 03/16/2024 Добри, силни, жизнени растения
Hodge E. on 03/16/2024 Fast growing heavy yield
excellent service
Brian F. on 03/16/2024 Rapid delivery , highest quality
love your products
George R. on 03/16/2024 Best flavour and aroma !! Super good strain.
top quaility
David D. on 03/16/2024 Good, strong, vigorous plants
Sjajni ste
Zlatko Z. on 03/15/2024 Izvrsna kvaliteta, sjeme je SUPER
Kvalitetni Dobici
Rogulj R. on 03/15/2024 Sjeme je odlično, biljka je brzo izrasla u nešto prelijepo
Brza Isporuka
Draganić D. on 03/15/2024 Hvala
Franjo F. on 03/15/2024 Super kvaliteta, sjeme je izvrsno, brza dostava.
Vrhunska Kvaliteta
Tokić T. on 03/15/2024 Ukus je dobar
Однозначно рекомендую
Cazac C. on 03/15/2024 Отрицательных моментов не увидел. Эффект понравился
Игорь В. on 03/13/2024 Быстрый, лёгок на подъем ))
Liviu M. on 03/09/2024 Nu am văzut niciun aspect negativ. Mi-a plăcut efectul
Teammy B. on 03/05/2024 I did one of this planet, just like 2 months ago i really appreciate the taste of the bad and the "gently" smell they had. I only disappointed one the 3 seeds i ve bought.
Вагизов А. on 03/03/2024 Хороший Индичный эффект.
Oliver J. on 03/03/2024 Very quick to germ then looking healthy happy. Very large healthy seeds. Impressive thankyou mafiia seeds
благодаря за бързата доставка
Evgeniev E. on 03/03/2024 Перфектен както винаги
thanks for fast shipment
Dani C. on 03/03/2024 Perfect as allways
Costi R. on 02/28/2024 Varietate foarte bună într-o cutie sub o lampă de 475w ,pe plantă uscată randament bun pentru auto Flo
Rupert T. on 02/28/2024 This strain is amazing! It checks all the boxes.So far, blown away by the smell and the yield! Harvest tomorrow. I will definitely be growing this strain again. Thanks Mafia. This is quite a find!
Pachiurca D. on 02/23/2024 Эффект, запах, вкус, огромная мощь.
Однозначно шедевр! Дайте мешок!
Tambi K. on 02/21/2024 Сильно реагирует на перепады температуры, для раскрытия всего потенциала нужно не менее 20 литров грунта, тесноту не любят.
Zsolt Z. on 02/18/2024

Gyors szállítás, nagyszerű termék és egy aranyos ingyenes mag és daráló!

Ivan S. on 02/14/2024 Лучший магазин для любителей, отличное обслуживание и товары
Cosmin G. on 02/14/2024 Semințe excelente și serviciu ireproșabil. Voi recomanda acest magazin și prietenilor mei
Emil K. on 02/13/2024 Топ качество 10/10
B S. on 02/10/2024
Good selection of strains
Jorge H. on 01/18/2024 Was delivered on expected time. Great product!

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