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Autoflowering Strains Stickers

We are introducing a brand new product for those who enjoy autoflowering feminized cannabis varieties - unique stickers to decorate whatever you like. These stickers will help you to easily identify your different strains of cannabis. Measuring 4.5 cm by 2 cm, the stickers are convenient to apply and easy to adhere to any surface.

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  • Auto Afghan Kush
  • Auto Ak 47
  • Auto Amnesia
  • Auto Amnesia X3
  • Auto Banana Punch
  • Auto Big Bud
  • Auto Big Cheese
  • Auto Big Gun
  • Auto Black Cookies
  • Auto Bloody Beast
  • Auto Blue Dream
  • Auto Blueberry
  • Auto Bruce Banner
  • Auto Bubble Gum
  • Auto Cheese
  • Auto Cherry Blossom
  • Auto Chronic
  • Auto Critical
  • Auto Freshberry
  • Auto Fruit Gelato
  • Auto Girl Scout Cookies
  • Auto Gorilla Cake
  • Auto Gorilla Glue
  • Auto Grapefruit
  • Auto Green Crack
  • Auto Green Devil
  • Auto Gunmango
  • Auto Headshot
  • Auto Jack Herer
  • Auto Lemon Skunk
  • Auto LSD
  • Auto M Haze
  • Auto Mafia Skunk
  • Auto Mimosa
  • Auto Mix
  • Auto Moby Dick
  • Auto New Haze
  • Auto Northern Light
  • Auto Og Kush
  • Auto Pineapple Express
  • Auto Purple Kush
  • Auto Purple Punch
  • Auto Red Ak
  • Auto Sacitrus Bomb
  • Auto Skunk
  • Auto Somango
  • Auto Sour Diesel
  • Auto Thompson
  • Auto Wedding Cake
  • Auto White Rhino
  • Auto White Widow
  • Auto White Widow CBD
  • Auto Zkittelz

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What makes our stickers so special?

1. First, there's their creative design.

2. Secondly, we offer more than 50 different varieties of stickers corresponding to different feminized cannabis strains.

3. Thirdly, they are non-toxic and water-resistant, and they leave no adhesive residue after being removed.

These features will allow you to easily label your plants and create your own collection of real artworks. You can also decorate your smoking pipe with a bright and positive sticker, which will make your rasta gadget look way more special.

Thematic labels are made of high-quality and safe materials. They stay brightly colored for a long time and don't fade in the sun.

Our stickers can also be a cool gift for your friend or fellow enthusiast. It's an offbeat way to share your passion for cannabis. And the best part is that you can buy stickers by unit. You can order a collection of positive rasta stickers from our catalog to decorate any items.

In addition, we take special care to ensure that the stickers are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment.

Feel free to add a touch of style and individuality with our stickers.

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