Auto Afghan Kush Feminized

Auto Afghan Kush Feminized

Auto Afghan Kush Feminized is a 100% pure Indica strain. This auto-feminized hybrid has two genetic “parents” – selective Ruderalis and Hindu Kush strain. It makes this breed extremely popular among both seasoned marijuana growers and complete beginners. These exceptional marijuana seeds are fast growers and give an impressive yield. It doesn’t matter if you grow the strain in a greenhouse or indoors, over the two months of appropriate care, this plant will reward you with a generous harvest (up to approximately 400 grams from one bush per season).

пол растения.png Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 

Height: 80-150 cm
Yield: 400 gr. per plant
Flowering time: 45-55 days
 Complete life cycle: 55 days after planting
Cannabis Genetics: Hindu Kush x Ruderalis
THC: 22%
Type: Indica

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Special Characteristics Auto Afghan Kush

As a result of excellent selection, this strain has a short vegetation period, which makes the process of growing and receiving high-quality resin much easier.

  • Strain type – auto-flowering, feminized.
  • THC concentration – 22%.
  • The plant reaches up to 80-centimeter height indoors and up to 150 centimeters being grown outdoors.
  • Yield – up to 400 grams from one bush per season.
  • Complete flowering cycle – 55 days.

How Auto Afghan Kush grows

Compact height makes it possible to grow this strain in confined spaces. Before buying cannabis seeds, a grower should get some pots for planting. Because this plant is not very stress-resilient, most growers recommend planting seeds straight into the pots, where the plants will grow without replanting.

The planting soil should be thoroughly warmed up. And to achieve steady development, the plant requires a good amount of sunlight. If you choose indoors growing, the lack of natural light should be compensated for by installing special lamps.

The vegetation period is relatively short. After it, the bush goes into a flowering phase that lasts up to 2 months.

What Auto Afghan Kush looks like

These auto-flowering marijuana seeds form a compact culture. The plant’s dense, branched-out structure looks like a Christmas tree. Auto Afghan Kush Feminized grows rapidly, and when it reaches the flowering period, it forms dense and very resinous buds.

Effect, aroma and flavor

This plant’s genetics present the smoker with notes of citrus fruit with a spicy aroma and a soft hint of wood. The taste is intense, typical for pure Afghan breeds. On the exhalation, this strain’s smoke is pleasant and flavorful. The fruity, citrusy aftertaste pleasantly teases the receptors.

This marijuana breed promotes relaxation, relieves tension after a long workday, helps to recover emotional balance, and to get rid of mental exhaustion. The dried buds are extremely THC-potent, so beginners should consume them with caution, in small quantities, taking breaks between smokes. This strain also stimulates appetite.

Ideal for

This cannabis hybrid is not considered medicinal, but it is used to treat insomnia and fatigue. European medical professionals sometimes prescribe Afghan Kush for headaches, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

It is recommended as a supplemental treatment for cancer and chemotherapy rehabilitation.

Data sheet
THC 20 - 25 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 350 - 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In
Flowering Time Short flowering period
Flavor Citrus, Fruity, Spicy, Woody
Effect Relaxation, Euphoria, Happiness
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Miroslav Y. on 02/02/2024 Easy to grow :)
Пламен Ц. on 12/11/2023 Very good
Александър П. on 11/18/2023 Super
Lari P. on 07/27/2023 Nešto najjače smak jakoo
Super happy
Dimitar G. on 07/24/2023 They turned out to be what i expected - the best
Antonio P. on 07/15/2023 10
Lari P. on 07/07/2023 congratulations good seed quality
Lari P. on 07/07/2023 congratulations good seed quality
Zsolt M. on 06/20/2023 Thank you
Gergo M. on 06/17/2023 best
Verry good
Timis C. on 05/27/2023 Verry good
Alex V. on 05/13/2023 exciting times ahead :)
Даниел Н. on 05/08/2023 Super E Colleagues
Olteanu A. on 05/06/2023
TOP !!!
Зоя М. on 05/04/2023 Thanks I received it and really like your products:)
afghana facec treaba
Leva G. on 02/25/2024 O plăcere să crești. Nici o problemă. Plante sănătoase, muguri mari, fum puternic.
Serhii S. on 04/18/2023 Хорошего по немного это сорт просто бомба …советую..
I will buy again
Migley M. on 02/21/2024 A nice, pleasant anxiety relief high with very little mental clouding. Will grow this one again.
eLBé T. on 04/18/2023 Komoly lesz remelem
Top-notch selection and service
Petar S. on 02/15/2024 Great seeds, fast delivery, Easy to order, nice customer support!!!
Krivec S. on 02/14/2024 Odlična izbira semen in zelo hitra dostava. Priporočam ta trgovina
Attila K. on 02/12/2024 Legend!
Adriano K. on 04/07/2023 Seeds are very fresh and well packed. I'm very satisfied!
very good
Димитър Н. on 03/27/2023 very good
Йордан З. on 03/25/2023
Afghan kush
Endrodi A. on 03/16/2023 Very good
Tibor V. on 06/06/2023 beautiful and strong!

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