Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized

Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized

Auto Gorilla Glue Feminised is an Indica-Sativa marijuana strain of a feminized type. When flowering, a mature plant abundantly excretes glue-like resin. The strain’s genetics consists of multiple strains, which makes it appealing in terms of both its appearance and smoking effect. This cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow, and you can expect steady growth in any conditions. Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Ready to harvest in 65 days after planting. The flavor is mixed—coffee, pine, and citrus.

пол растения.png Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 

Height: 100 cm
Yield: 250 gr. per plant
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
 Complete life cycle: 11-12 weeks
Cannabis Genetics: Mixed
THC: 24%
Type: In/Sa

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Аuto Gorilla Glue Feminized Special Characteristics

- Strain type—auto-flowering Indica/Sativa

- THC concentration—24%

- Reaches 100 cm height

- Yields 250 g

- The seeds are feminized, which means, there’s no need to remove male plants before planting

- The name implies the extreme amount of glue-like resin on the buds. As users say, it glues your fingers to the scissors and your body to the couch.

How Аuto Gorilla Glue Feminized grows

Growing these marijuana seeds is possible both indoors and outdoors because this strain quickly adapts to any air temperature changes. The plant is not demanding, so anyone can grow it, from beginners to experienced growers.

The lifecycle of Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized cannabis is short. There are no particular difficulties or unexpected issues with growing this strain. You should plant the marijuana seeds in 40-50l containers with prepared soil.

To improve the yielding result, you can use substrate and fertilizer. Because of the short flowering period, experienced growers advise against repotting or replanting the plant, and recommend avoiding stressful events for the plant altogether.

What Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized strain looks like

The plants have a beautiful look. The buds are chunky, and heavily soaked with resin and THC crystals. In the sunlight, they shimmer like diamonds.

Despite being quite small, this compact bush gives a generous harvest. During flowering, it fills the air with an intense, but pleasant pine tree aroma. So, if you decide to grow this marijuana strain indoors, think about installing a high-quality air purification system right after planting the seeds.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized gives a thick smoke that fills lungs with a pleasant pine and lemon aroma. Exhaled, it leaves a nice coffee aftertaste.

Before buying this strain, you have to know it has a cascading effect. You also have to keep in mind the high potency of these buds. One puff is enough for deep rest and plenty of positive emotions. The smoker feels heaviness in their limbs, and the sense of euphoria gradually turns into deep relaxation.

Ideal for

This strain possesses strong medicinal qualities, easily relieves any kind of pain or stress, and is used for rehabilitation after chemo, reducing nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.

Data sheet
THC 20 - 25 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 0 - 350 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa/In
Flowering Time Long flowering period
Flavor Citrus, Pine
Effect Euphoria, Relaxation, Happiness
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Demian C. on 04/11/2024 Аромат - это, что-то особенное, это смесь нот хвойных деревьев и свежего, цитрусового запаха лимона. Как для меня, просто шикарно.
gorilla , orice soi e superb la pretul sau
Barbu B. on 04/04/2024 La început, simți greutate în picioare și în mâini, iar apoi apare o relaxare completă.
very good
Matt T. on 04/02/2024 A fragrance is something unique, it's a combination of coniferous tree notes and the fresh, citrus scent of lemon. For me, it's just fantastic.
Dan C. on 03/27/2024 Обратился впервые. Был приятно удивлен обслуживанием и качеством товара.
Тимофей П. on 03/25/2024 несёт с него бодрo:)
thanks mafia
Don M. on 03/20/2024 Was pleasantly surprised by the service and the quality of the product.
Daniel O. on 03/18/2024 Пользовался в процессе реабилитации. Лечебный эффект очевиден. Уменьшает тошноту и головокружение
Ahmedov A. on 03/17/2024 Винаги използвайте този сорт за пълна скорост и качество
Stoyan S. on 03/17/2024 Лесен за отглеждане, купих го за първи път и обичах всеки момент от отглеждането му.
Топ качество
Krasimir K. on 03/17/2024 Купи го!
Страхотни семена
Kiril T. on 03/16/2024 Отглеждал съм го многократно на закрито и на открито и всеки път е с най-високо качество.
Larry F. on 03/16/2024 Always use this strain for all round speed and quality
Mark G. on 03/16/2024 Easy to grow, I bought as my first and I loved every moment of growing it.
Top quality
John E. on 03/16/2024 Buy It!
Great seeds
Daniels R. on 03/16/2024 I have growed it multiple times indoor and outdoor and everytime is top quality.
Zsolt S. on 01/14/2024 mot vettem elöször gorillát,remélem minden rendben lesz vele
Very nice
ciprian p. on 01/10/2024 They shipped it in 2 days,and the quality is very good
Lovro B. on 12/21/2023
Brza Dostava i sve pohvale
Delić J. on 03/16/2024 Profesionalna isporuka, brzi uzgoj, izvanredno.
Top Kvaliteta
Mladen C. on 03/16/2024 Cool aroma, brza dostava, sve je bilo super.
Sjajna stvar
Belošević I. on 03/16/2024 Vrhunski proizvodi, ODLIČNI STE
Ante G. on 03/16/2024 Super sjemenke
Tomislav F. on 03/16/2024 Top kvaliteta proizvoda, brza dostava, savršeno.
Магнус Х. on 03/13/2024 Заявленные сроки созревания верны.
Valeriu B. on 03/09/2024 L-am folosit în timpul procesului de reabilitare. Efectul terapeutic este evident. Reduce greața și amețelile.
Gábor G. on 03/09/2024 Mindig ezt a törzset használom
Cser C. on 03/09/2024 Könnyen termeszthető, elsőnek vásároltam és imádtam minden pillanatát a termesztésének.
Csuka C. on 03/09/2024 Ajánlom
Szuper magok
Csizmazia C. on 03/09/2024 Többször termesztettem bent és kint is és minden alkalommal kiváló minőségű lett
Jure Z. on 08/22/2023 Vjerujemo da je zvijer
Kany K. on 03/09/2024 elégedett vagyok köszi tesák
I love it
Richárd D. on 08/01/2023 3/3 germination rate and so many buds on 1 plant
Ivan K. on 07/24/2023 The quality of the product is 10/10 fresh!
Тимур Б. on 03/05/2024 Совсем не жалею о своем выборе, идеально подошел для снятия стресса.
Simoncsik L. on 07/03/2023 Perfect
Simoncsik L. on 06/30/2023 Perfect
O alegere de incredere!
Florin F. on 03/04/2024 Recomand!
Отличные семена
Газиев Г. on 03/04/2024 Я выращивал его несколько раз в помещении и на открытом воздухе, и каждый раз он был высшего качества.
Хорошая цена.
Сергиенко С. on 03/04/2024 я доволен этим заказом
Дима К. on 03/03/2024 Классный, никаких с ним траблов не наблюдалось. Семки быстро прокллевываются, сразу в кокос высаживал, ростки быстро.
На добра цена.
Petko P. on 03/03/2024 доволен съм от тази поръчка
Papp R. on 06/16/2023 Sziasztok még most csiraztazom. 26 órája van zsebkendő be. Nem tudok még mit mondani róla. Remélem jó a mag és szép virág lesz belőle
Well priced
Newman N. on 03/03/2024 i am happy with this order
Dan B. on 03/01/2024 crește în Europa în out bine
Swiss Balcony
John Mark B. on 06/01/2023 Great
Ivan V. on 05/31/2023 Best one
Inogen C. on 02/28/2024 you cant go wrong picking that stain!!! its SUPERB! but seeds only from Mafia
Горилы как всегда))
Качян И. on 02/25/2024 Растёт как бамбук,только промостить нужно)))
absolutny hit!
Jakub J. on 02/25/2024 absolutny hit!
I'm waiting
Mircea I. on 02/21/2024 Arrived after a few days, planted, and after 3 days the first sprouts emerged, transplanted and growing great. Just waiting to try...
Petar S. on 02/15/2024 Everything was great, I'm very satisfied, everything has opened up and is growing excellently, and delivery was very quick and discreet. I can only recommend it
Najboljša trgovina za nakup semen
Krivec S. on 02/14/2024 Zelo sem zadovoljen z izbiro in kakovostjo
Szabolcs G. on 02/20/2023 Perfect seed
1st class!
I S. on 03/17/2023 Just amazing and equal as ever to the outstanding genetics of Seeds Mafia! Cheers!

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