Auto LSD Feminized

Auto LSD Feminized

Auto LSD Feminized is an amazing cannabis strain with a number of highly attractive characteristics. This hybrid is an autoflowering version of the famous genetic combination of LSD and Ruderalis. It stands out for its tolerance to adverse environments, its short life cycle, and its stunning properties that make it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced growers alike.

пол растения.png Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 

Height: 90-135 cm
Yield: 500-700 gr/m2
Flowering time: 45-55 days
 Complete life cycle: 65 days
Cannabis Genetics: LSD x Ruderalis genetics
THC: 24%
Type: In/Ru

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Auto LSD Feminized - Features

Before purchasing cannabis seeds, one should familiarize oneself with the plant's characteristics.

  • The strain type is feminized.
  • THC concentration – 24%.
  • The plant reaches a height of up to 90 cm indoors and up to 135 cm outdoors.
  • Productivity - up to 500gr/m2 indoors, 700gr/m2 outdoors.
  • Full flowering cycle – 65 days.

This variety is not demanding to grow, which means even novice gardeners can buy it for a first-time experience.

How Auto LSD Feminized Grows

For an effective cultivation and higher yields of Auto LSD Feminized, we recommend ensuring optimal light distribution. This variety has a short life cycle and automatically enters the flowering phase after about 3-4 weeks of vegetative growth. Throughout the whole cycle it should be kept on 18/6 or 20/4 light mode for best results.

Despite the fact that the plant is resistant to pests, fertilizer will certainly do some good.

What Auto LSD Feminized Looks Like

The Auto LSD Feminized variety has a compact stature and reaches a medium height, making it easy to raise indoors and fit into confined spaces. It also has a sturdy structure and dense buds covered in resinous trichomes.

Effect, aroma, and flavor

When it comes to effects, Auto LSD Feminized cannabis will delight you with a strong and long-lasting high. The strain offers a well-balanced combination of euphoria and relaxation. It helps you chill out after a stressful day or gain inspiration and creativity.

The taste of Auto LSD Feminized is defined by fresh, fruity tones, such as citrus and raspberry, along with a slight sweetness and subtle spiciness. This combination creates a pleasant and flavorful blend that gives the strain its very own charm.

The aroma of this marijuana strain is also unique and remarkable. When the bud is crushed or burned, an intense fruity aroma is heard, complete with a hint of earthiness and a slight spiciness. This variety also has a light floral note that adds a certain freshness to the overall flavor profile.

Scope of use

Cannabis allows you to immerse yourself in a deep state of relaxation while stimulating your creative energy. In medicine, this strain is also known for its ability to help relieve stress and anxiety, giving you peace and tranquility.

Data sheet
THC 20 - 25 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 - 150 cm
Harvest 500 - 800 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In/Ru
Flowering Time Short flowering period
Flavor Citrus, Fresh, Fruity, Spicy
Effect Creative boost, Euphoria, Relaxation
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Auto lsd
Ivan I. on 05/10/2024 Biceeueieiue
Roko S. on 05/10/2024 Jako dobra i kvalitetna biljka.
Stanislav D. on 05/09/2024 I can't say anything about this product because my last order turned out to be garbage, nothing came out of it
Nagyon jó
Ferenc K. on 05/09/2024 Benne van a top 3ban eddig, nagyon jó szár
4492 dombrád
Bandor A. on 05/01/2024 Gyorsan ki csírázott
Kepe K. on 04/17/2024 Na ő gyorsan csirazik es gyorsan is nől. Megtetszett azert rendeltem meg belőle
Marco Z. on 03/26/2024 This plant punch of head, very strong effect smell sweet powerfull
Angel D. on 03/25/2024 Най добрите
Fast germination.
Simeon I. on 03/22/2024 A strong plant with good genes. I also got bonus seeds from this plant. I am very pleased.
Ojārs I. on 03/19/2024 Very good
Seed of AUTO LSD
Roko K. on 03/14/2024 Im most curius of this one. Cant wait
Ferenc K. on 05/05/2024 Remek íz, nagy hozam, kiemelkedő hatás
Gustul este excelent
Andrei I. on 04/24/2024 relaxarea este foarte plăcută.
Bob F. on 04/22/2024 Bought it for myself, pleased with it, pure euphoria.
Оперативная доставка.
Roman P. on 04/16/2024 Хорошо расслабляет и одновременно вдохновляет
Sabin G. on 04/13/2024 Efectul este superb
Eddie P. on 04/08/2024 Good quality and prompt delivery are surprising!
David A. on 04/04/2024 Сильный и длительный эффект
5 звезд
Илья П. on 04/02/2024 Мощь
Dominic J. on 03/27/2024 Pleasant taste, aromatic blend.
Vitescu P. on 03/25/2024 Не прихотлив в разведении, но требует постоянного светового режима.
Данилов И. on 03/20/2024 очень вкусный, наваливает хорошо, но можно и поработать под ним, и спортом позаниматься,
Bidian D. on 03/18/2024 Totul este foarte bun si foarte bine
Szántó Z. on 02/05/2024 Hibátlan
Като цяло
Todor N. on 03/16/2024 добър и лесен за отглеждане.
доволен съм
Mihail P. on 03/16/2024 Засадих само 1 семенце и излезе силно и здраво.
добри семена
Vasil A. on 03/16/2024 Очаквайте огромен добив. Страхотна доставка, страхотно обслужване.
радвам се
Dimitar M. on 03/16/2024 Това беше най-доброто, което съм опитвал досега. 10/10 Благодаря ви.
Hodge E. on 03/16/2024 good and easy to grow.
I'm satisfied
Brian F. on 03/16/2024 I only planted 1 seed and it came out strong and healthy.
good seeds
George R. on 03/16/2024 Expecting a huge yield. Great delivery, great service.
i am glad
David D. on 03/16/2024 It was the best i have tried so far. 10/10 Thank you.
Oh wow
ciprian p. on 01/10/2024 Lsd is the best strain that you can buy for a almost psychedelic experience
Lovro B. on 12/21/2023
Pouzdana Dostava
Zlatko Z. on 03/15/2024 Bez greške.HVALA!
Rogulj R. on 03/15/2024 Rezultati su malo je reći dobri, predobro!
Brza Isporuka
Draganić D. on 03/15/2024 Brza isporuka, zadovoljstvo zajamčeno.
Profesionalni Uzgoj
Franjo F. on 03/15/2024 Vrhunska kvaliteta.
Sigurna Dostava
Tokić T. on 03/15/2024 Bez ikakvih problema.
сорт пушка
Grosu M. on 03/13/2024 Этот сорт не требует особых условий для разведения. Получится даже у новичка.
Кирил ф. on 03/09/2024 без проблемный гров .
Liked it
alex l. on 10/10/2023 Good stuff
Liked it
alex l. on 10/10/2023 Easy to grow good stuff!
Demeter Tamas P. on 09/28/2023
ceva cool
Sofia D. on 03/05/2024 Efectul este de nedescris. Sincer să fiu, nu mă așteptam ... voi comanda mai mult!
Jack D. on 03/03/2024 good germination , strong
цените са супер
Evgeniev E. on 03/03/2024 100 препоръчват този щам този растат
prices are great
Dani C. on 03/03/2024 100 recommend this strain this grow
all siids sprouted
daniel t. on 03/01/2024

good quality seeds

Жду еще
Усович Я. on 02/28/2024 Вроде немало шишек, а рост куста 120 см. ну посмотрим, пока пробу не снимал. Прохладу нормально переносит. Еще недели две стоять.
Razvan D. on 02/28/2024 Gust placut
fat girl hah
Lionel V. on 02/25/2024 smell was wonderful, I will be buying again lovely strain
Сорт огонь
Alina R. on 02/21/2024 Этот сорт в мире автоцветов просто хищник ничего жёстче вкуснее ароматней. Я ещё не встречал, а видел я многое
Highly recommend getting your seeds from here
Zsolt Z. on 02/18/2024

All seeds that I have ordered have sprouted and I have had no issues with any seeds.

Надежный магазин
Ivan S. on 02/14/2024 Никогда не подводят, качество на высоте
Cosmin G. on 02/14/2024 Everything is perfect! I am very satisfied. Everything I received was allright.
Emil K. on 02/13/2024 Страхотна генетика 10/10
B S. on 02/10/2024 Перфектен избор.
I. M. on 11/01/2023 пууушка

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