Szükséges felhasználói fiók a rendelés leadásához?

No. You can check out using the guest checkout option so no additional information needs to be added. But we do encourage you to create one as we like to send our customer gifts from time to time through their account area.These could be free seed offers, discount codes and all sorts of other fun promos. It also stores all of the information about your order including what you ordered and the tracking code if the package had one.

Mit tehetek, ha elfelejtettem a belépői adatokat?

Don’t panic, simply click on the “forgotten your password” link and it will send you a reminder/reset option to your email address.

Lehetséges a felhasználói fiók törlése a rendelés befejeztével?

Of course. Just inform us that you want to delete your account.

Mi a módja a rendelés regisztrálásának?


Coming soon....

Hogyan törölhetem a rendelésemet?

To cancel an order, please send us a message with the number of the order you want to cancel.


Mennyi a rendelés minimum összege?

Yes. The minimum value (without VAT) for placing an order is 10 euro.

Rendelkeznek-e nagyker árakkal?

If you wish to buy seeds in larger quantities, please contact us using the form from the Contact page, by mentioning the name and quantities of the products you want, and we will answer you shortly.

Kell-e valamit tennem, azért, hogy megkapjam az ingyenes magvakat?

No, your free seeds will automatically be included with your order. Our amazing free seed offers are changed regularly to give you the best deals possible.

Hogyan követhetem a rendelésemet?

After the order was shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a code which you can use to follow the status of your shipment on the site of your local postal operator.

Hogyan módosíthatom a rendelésemet?

We process the order as soon as we receive the confirmation of the payment. While the order is still being processed and you haven't made the payment yet, you can still change your order through our online system. The status of your order can be followed from My account or from the Follow order page, by using the number of your order.

The orders that have already been processed cannot be changed or canceled. If you want to change an already processed order, please send us an e-mail.

Magyarországon kívül más országba is szállítanak?

We ship worldwide but you should check your own laws and regulations in your area. All orders are shipped discretely with no mention of products in or on the package.

Melyek a kiszállítási módok Magyarországon?

Mikor küldik el a rendelésemet?

We ship the package after 1-12 hours from the moment we receive the confirmation of the payment, indifferent of the method of payment you chose.

A kiszállítás 100%-osan bizalmas?

On the package there is no information other than the name and address of the recipient. The packaging we are using doesn't draw attention . The content of the package is not visible from outside and, due to its shape, it is impossible to be determined from outside.

Mit kell még tudnom a rendelésről?

The delivery through either of the two methods is 100% confidential. We place the seeds in shockproof bags, and on the package there is no sign with regard to its content.

Milyen fizetési módokat fogadnak el?

We accept the following payment types:

  • Pay Pal transfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Send money by Priority Post
  • MoneyGram
  • Wester Union

Did we answer your question ?

Honnan fogom tudni, hogy megkapták a kifizetésemet?

As soon as your money order or cash payment is received you will be notified by email. These take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive with us and to be processed so dont worry if you haven't heard from us straight away. See our "payments" page for more details on where to send these and how they work.

Hogyan változtathatom meg a fizetési módot?

For full details on how to send payments to us please see our Payments page

Mit kell még tudnom a fizetésről?

To change the method of payment, please send us an e-mail with the number of your order and the method of payment you prefer.

Legális magvakat rendelnem Magyarországra?

Yes. The cannabis seeds we sell are 100% legal because they do not contain the forbidden substance called THC. The seeds we are selling are souvenirs for those who wish to enlarge their botanical collections.

Más országokban is árulnak magvakat Magyarországon kívül?


Coming soon......

Az Ön cégük megbízható?

Well the simple answer to this is yes of course we are. We are the "original seedbank since 1999" and have many thousands of satisfied customers from around the world.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we were one of the first and we deliver a consistently high level of service and customer satisfaction from moment you first visit, to your package arriving at your door.

Hogyan tudok csíráztatni, termeszteni, stb.?

www.seedsmafia.com categorically states that the germination of seeds is Illegal in most parts of the world and in no way condones the germination of our seeds, they are sold for souvenir purposes only. If you live in a place where seeds can be germinated there is plenty of information online or you could buy a good book from somewhere like Amazon.

Mennyi ideig és hogyan tárolhatom a magvaimat?

If kept in cool, dark, dry and airtight conditions your seeds will stay fresh for a minimum of 2 years. Storage time can be increased by storing seeds in a constant refrigerated temperature of around 4-6 deg Celsius. The container the seeds are in must be well sealed.

Hogyan járok el, ha itt nem találok választ a kérdéseimre?

If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQ section please click here to find out how best to contact us.

Egyes magvak miért olcsóbbak, mint a konkurenciánál?

seedsmafia.com buys seeds straight from top Dutch producers, because we keep our range small we are able to buy in bulk and pass the discount on to you! Our seeds are always fresh and in most cases we do not keep stock for more than 60 days. All seeds are refrigerated in commercial fridges for maximum freshness.

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